We’re studying the melanocortin-4
receptor (MC4R) pathway

Rhythm is dedicated to understanding rare genetic diseases of obesity caused by an impaired pathway in the brain (known as the MC4R pathway) that regulates hunger. By studying this pathway, we aim to develop management options for people affected by these disorders.

What is the MC4R pathway?

The MC4R pathway regulates hunger and body weight.

In some people, genetic variants can lead to impairments that can lead to insatiable hunger and, consequently, obesity.

An impaired MC4R pathway may be responsible for multiple rare genetic diseases of obesity, including:

While the above conditions are rare, the people living with them deserve to be heard and understood. To help raise awareness of these conditions, we created UncommonObesity.com, a resource for healthcare professionals. There, visitors can get more information about pathology, clinical presentations, and options for diagnosis.