Our Pledge:
understanding, awareness, support

Our commitment to people living with rare genetic diseases of obesity extends well beyond the development of potential medicines. We embrace a responsibility to listen to the community, to help bolster both individual and collective understanding of rare genetic diseases of obesity, and to drive positive change with others.

We are committed to improving the understanding of severe obesity that results from specific genetic diseases, and we have developed resources to help share knowledge, recognize symptoms, and aid in diagnosis.

We invite people to learn more at LEAD for Rare Obesity.

And learn more about our genetic testing program Rhythm’s Uncovering Rare Obesity.

Helping to open doors to diagnosis

Genetic testing may help physicians diagnose some rare genetic diseases of obesity in individuals who may suspect there could be a specific underlying genetic cause of their obesity. However, access to genetic testing can be costly and is frequently not covered by insurance.

To help expand access to testing in the United States, Rhythm launched the Uncovering Rare Obesity program. The program is for individuals who suspect there is more driving their obesity than diet and lifestyle, and includes a free* genetic test for several rare genetic diseases of obesity conducted by PreventionGenetics, an independent DNA testing laboratory. As part of the program, licensed genetic experts are available to advise both participating individuals and healthcare providers. (Participating individuals may choose up to 2 free counseling sessions–one before the test and one after to review results.)

*Covers cost of test only for eligible individuals; additional restrictions apply. Click on the links below to learn more.

Information for the patient community

Information for healthcare professionals

Small company, BIG vision

Supported by a dedicated Patient Advocacy team, we are helping to turn big ideas into real change for people living with rare genetic diseases of obesity.

Our team focuses on making a meaningful difference for those living with these rare diseases by:

  • Acting with transparency and the highest ethical responsibility
  • Understanding and supporting the community
  • Shaping internal business practices with a focus on the patient
  • Supporting the vital work of advocacy groups, both nationally and internationally
  • Helping to raise awareness of rare genetic diseases of obesity

To reach us, please contact Patientadvocacy@rhythmtx.com.